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Grupo Empresarial SORIGUÉ started life as the company JULIO SORIGUÉ ZAMORANO, S.A., founded in 1968. This LLeida-based construction firm continued the work that its founder had been doing as an entrepreneurial business man in transport, aggregate production and maintenance of infrastructures since 1954. This company went on to be known as SORIGUÉ, S.A. in 1980.

From these beginnings, the company has since undergone an ongoing process of expansion that has resulted, not only in increased turnover, staff and resources, but has also led to an extension of its scope of activity, both in geographic terms and with regard to its branching off into new activities related to construction. The result of all of that growth is that it currently leads a group that is made up of almost forty Companies.

Grupo SORIGUÉ enjoys a consolidated position in Catalonia – where, following the incorporation of ACSA, OBRAS E INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.U. between 2005 and 2006, it is one of the biggest construction groups – and is also present in other Spanish Autonomous Communities, such as Madrid, the Balearic Islands, Andalucia and Aragon, even holding stakes in some companies in Chile.

As mentioned above, the Group has also become involved in new areas of activity. Thus, apart from:

  • construction in the widest sense – with a special emphasis on civil works, but also active in building–
  • aggregate extraction and treatment
  • the production and manipulation of asphalt agglomerates that has been its traditional activity

also encompasses new activities related to those above, among which are:

  • the production of prefabricated concrete products
  • the installation and maintenance of ducts and distribution networks for utilities
  • the transportation of construction materials and waste management
  • real estate developments
  • the production and assembly of aluminium door and window frames and curtain walls
  • the provision of cleaning , gardening and auxiliary services
  • and, since the above-mentioned incorporation of ACSA and through our industrial projects and services division, comprehensive management of industrial projects and the design, production and assembly of hydraulic systems.

This growth, although significant, was not and is not the Group’s main objective or Priority, which has always been to encourage the values of common effort, ongoing re-investment of profits in technical and human resources, quality and customer service, as well as professional and social commitment with the workers. These values, which together with investment in research and development, respect for the environment and, generally speaking, social responsibility – which we have always considered a key aspect of our activity – will continue to guide the future development of our business.

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