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Quality, Health and Safety and the Environment


We guarantee the quality of our products and services as a first premise in achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

Today, quality control systems are perfectly embodied in the different production centres and certification organisations have verified the application of these systems. In each of its various companies, Grupo Sorigué has the most advanced quality certification. The Grupo Sorigué companies are accredited with UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 9002 certification, which guarantee the highest standards in quality management systems for Construction, Industry, Concessions, Infrastructure Maintenance, Materials and Asphalt.

In compliance with established protocols, we have undertaken 36 internal audits during the 2006, in ten construction production units and 22 in asphalt. Additionally, during the year 2006,we carried out 44 customer satisfaction surveys in the construction area, with a favourable result, and in asphalt we performed an extensive study of customer satisfaction among 50 clients.

In the Materials Division, the aggregates from our quarries and the prefabricated concrete products have the mandatory CE mark, which is necessary when selling these products in the European Union. We also have at our disposal our own control laboratories to guarantee the quality of our products, laboratories that go beyond self-control and should be considered as R+D+I centres.

Finally, we have actively participated in the development and propagation of unified regulations for products used in road building and we have worked to be granted the CE mark for our hot bituminous mixes, which it is compulsory to have as of the 1st of March 2008.

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