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Investing in projects that imply research and development of new products and technology is nothing new for Grupo Sorigué.

The companies that make up the group were not just leaders in the development and application of technologies like on site recycling as early as 1994, they have also had their own equipment, labs and facilities specially dedicated to the development of construction materials and production methods that respect the environment for years, with a special emphasis on the selection and recycling of disposable products and the use of sustainable energies; at the moment, and notwithstanding the above-mentioned lines of activity, the main efforts focus around two research projects : the production of bituminous mixes with high rate recycling and the analysis of the life cycle of bituminous mixes.

In conjunction with this work, we are also collaborating with several bodies through research agreements – like the one signed with Universidad de Barcelona relating to aggregate extraction – and joint projects, among which special mention goes to Project Fénix (Phoenix), a multi-year programme that is the biggest R+D study undertaken in the European Union on the subject of road surfaces.

Grupo SORIGUÉ is determined to keep investing in research, innovation and the development of new projects in the firm belief that this represents, not only a vital competitive advantage, but also an essential strategy in opening up future avenues to the company and for society in general.

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